Concrete Coring

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Shear Waves S&P

Collecting shear wave data with a Cone Penetration Test (CPT) truck is a common practice in geotechnical engineering and site investigations. Shear wave measurements provide valuable information about the soil's stiffness and mechanical properties, which is crucial for various engineering applications. Here's a brief description of how shear wave data can be collected using a CPT truck:

  • 1. Cone Penetration Test (CPT):

    • A CPT truck is equipped with a cone penetrometer that is pushed into the ground using hydraulic pressure.
    • The cone is designed to measure cone resistance and sleeve friction, which are essential parameters for geotechnical analysis.
  • 2. CPT With Seismic Sensors:

    • To collect shear wave data, additional seismic sensors are attached to the CPT cone or placed in the ground near the cone.
    • These sensors are designed to measure the time it takes for shear waves to travel through the soil layers.
  • 3. Shear Wave Generation:

    • Shear waves can be generated using various methods, such as a seismic source or a hammer impact on the ground.
    • The generated shear waves propagate through the soil, and their velocity is recorded by the seismic sensors.
  • 4. Data Recording and Analysis:

    • As the CPT cone advances into the subsurface, the seismic sensors continuously record the arrival times of shear waves.
    • The data collected is analyzed to determine the shear wave velocity at different depths.
  • 5. Interpretation:

    • Shear wave velocity data is crucial for understanding the soil's stiffness and elastic properties.
    • Different soil types exhibit distinct shear wave velocities, allowing geotechnical engineers to characterize the subsurface layers.
  • 6. Applications:

    • Shear wave data collected during CPT can be used for various applications, including seismic site classification, liquefaction potential assessment, and foundation design.
  • 7. Integration With CPT Data:

    • The shear wave data can be integrated with the traditional CPT data, such as cone resistance and sleeve friction, to provide a comprehensive understanding of the subsurface conditions.
  • 8. Reporting:

    • The results are typically compiled into a geotechnical report, providing valuable information for engineers and decision-makers involved in construction, infrastructure, or environmental projects.

It's important to note that the specific equipment and procedures for collecting shear wave data during a CPT may vary based on the technology used by different manufacturers or service providers. Always refer to the guidelines provided by the equipment manufacturer for the accurate and safe use of CPT with shear wave measurements.

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Water Sampling

Middle Earth Geo Testing, Inc. - Hydropunch Sampling With CPT Truck
Welcome to Middle Earth Geo Testing Inc., a leader in innovative geotechnical and environmental sampling solutions. Our cutting-edge technology, known as "Hydropunch," revolutionizes water sampling in conjunction with Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) trucks.

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Key Features

  • Precision Sampling: Hydropunch ensures precise and accurate water sampling at various depths during CPT operations, providing detailed insights into subsurface conditions.

  • Integrated Hydraulic System: Our CPT trucks are equipped with state-of-the-art hydraulic systems, offering seamless control over cone penetration and water sample extraction.

  • Efficiency and Data Accuracy: Experience efficient data collection with real-time monitoring of cone resistance, sleeve friction, and groundwater quality. Our technology guarantees reliable results for geotechnical and environmental assessments.

  • Custom Solutions: Tailored to meet diverse project requirements, Hydropunch adapts to different soil and water sampling needs, making it a versatile solution for geotechnical investigations.


  • Time-Saving: Hydropunch streamlines the sampling process, saving valuable time during field investigations.

  • Comprehensive Data: Gain a comprehensive understanding of subsurface conditions with integrated soil and water sampling capabilities.

  • Environmental Compliance: Our technology meets and exceeds environmental standards, ensuring responsible and sustainable sampling practices.

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  • Geotechnical Engineering: Hydropunch enhances the capabilities of CPT trucks for detailed soil analysis, enabling informed decision-making in construction and infrastructure projects.

  • Environmental Site Assessments: Conduct thorough environmental site assessments by extracting water samples alongside traditional CPT data, ensuring a complete picture of site conditions.

Contact Us:

For inquiries, demonstrations, or more information about Hydropunch sampling with CPT trucks, contact us at or visit our [Contact Page].

Soil Sampling

Welcome to Middle Earth Geo Testing Inc. - Innovators in CPT Soil Sampling
At Middle Earth Geo Testing Inc., we take pride in offering cutting-edge solutions for geotechnical investigations, and our Soil Sampling with CPT Truck technology stands at the forefront of precision and efficiency.

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Key Features

  • Advanced Cone Penetration Testing: Our CPT trucks are equipped with state-of-the-art cone penetrometers that deliver accurate and real-time data on soil resistance and characteristics as they penetrate the subsurface.

  • Integrated Soil Sampling System: Experience seamless integration of soil sampling capabilities with our CPT trucks, allowing for simultaneous collection of soil samples at various depths.

  • Efficient Hydraulic Control: Our advanced hydraulic systems provide precise control over penetration rates, ensuring optimal conditions for both cone testing and soil sample extraction

  • Real-Time Data Monitoring: Stay informed with live monitoring of cone resistance, sleeve friction, and other critical soil parameters. Our technology ensures comprehensive and reliable data for geotechnical assessments.


  • Time-Efficient: Combine cone penetration testing and soil sampling in a single operation, saving valuable time during field investigations.

  • Accurate Soil Characterization: Obtain a detailed understanding of subsurface conditions through the integration of cone data and soil samples, facilitating informed decision-making for engineering and construction projects.

  • Customizable Solutions: Our technology adapts to diverse soil types and project requirements, providing tailored solutions for various geotechnical challenges.

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  • Foundation Design: Optimize foundation design by incorporating accurate soil data obtained through CPT soil sampling, ensuring stability and longevity of structures.

  • Environmental Assessments: Conduct thorough environmental site assessments by analyzing soil properties alongside traditional CPT data, meeting regulatory compliance and sustainability goals.

Contact Us

For inquiries, consultations, or demonstrations of our Soil Sampling with CPT Truck technology, feel free to reach out!

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