CPT Cone


Standard sensors include a tip, sleeve, pore water pressure, seismic geophones (SCPT), inclinometers (x and y), and relative temperature.

Vertek digital cones provide higher load capacity and better accuracy than industry standards by decoupling the tip and sleeve load cells and sensing each independently.

Noise problems associated with cable length and low voltage signals of analog systems are eliminated because analog-to-digital conversion is performed down hole.

An overload capacity of 150% ensures you can safely push the cone to calibrated capacity without compromising cone integrity.

USA-based manufacturing, certified calibration, and repairs.

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Limited Access CPT Track Rig

Limited access track rig, we introduce you to our state-of-the-art Portable Cone Penetrometer Testing Rig – a revolutionary solution for accurate and efficient soil testing. Our testing rig is designed to provide engineers, geotechnical professionals, and researchers with a reliable tool to assess soil properties quickly and conveniently.

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Key Features

  • 1. Portability: Our cone penetrometer testing rig is compact and easy to transport, enabling you to conduct on-site testing without the need for extensive equipment setups.

  • 2. Precise Testing: With advanced technology and high-quality materials, our rig ensures accurate measurements of soil resistance as the cone penetrates the ground. This data is crucial for determining soil stratigraphy and geotechnical characteristics.

  • 3. User-Friendly Interface: The testing rig comes equipped with an intuitive user interface that displays real-time data readings. This feature allows users to monitor the penetration process and capture data with ease.

  • 4. Data Logging: The rig is equipped with data logging capabilities, allowing you to record and analyze test results for comprehensive assessments and comparisons.

  • 5. Versatile Cone Options: Our rig supports a range of interchangeable cones, each tailored for specific soil types and testing requirements. This adaptability enhances the rig's versatility and ensures accurate testing across various soil compositions.

  • 6. Quick Assembly: Setting up the testing rig is hassle-free and doesn't require extensive technical expertise. This means you can start conducting tests sooner, saving valuable time on your projects.

  • 7. Durable Build: Crafted from robust materials, our testing rig is built to withstand demanding field conditions, ensuring longevity and reliability throughout countless tests.

  • 8. Applications: The portable cone penetrometer testing rig is ideal for a wide range of applications, including site investigations, foundation design, slope stability analysis, and quality control during construction projects.


  • Time Efficiency: Conducting tests on-site eliminates the need for sample transportation to laboratories, saving time and allowing for immediate decision-making.

  • Cost Savings: By reducing the need for extensive laboratory testing, our rig helps minimize overall project costs.

  • Real-Time Insights: The real-time data display provides instant insights into soil behavior during penetration, aiding in a better understanding of subsurface conditions.

  • Accurate Assessments: With precise measurements, our rig contributes to accurate geotechnical assessments, leading to safer and more effective engineering solutions.

Experience the future of soil testing with our cutting-edge Portable Cone Penetrometer Testing Rig. Contact us today to learn more about how our innovative solution can enhance your geotechnical endeavors and streamline your soil testing processes.

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25-Ton CPT Truck

Our rigs are capable of traversing rough terrain and squeezing into surprisingly small spaces, so if your site is in an unusually tight or hard-to-reach spot...

Middle Earth Geo Testing has two CPT Rigs. CPT Rig 1 is based out of our Northern California Office, and Rig 2 is based out of our Southern California Office. Both Rigs are all-wheel drive, and both weigh 50,000 lbs.

Rig 1 is different than any other CPT rig in California; Rig 1 has I-Beams under that box of the rig, and the purpose of the I-Beams is to increase the weight of the rig to 80,000lbs by adding trench plates to the I-Beams.

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