With over 25 years of experience operating CPT equipment for geotechnical, environmental, and scientific clients across the west coast, we can provide the highest quality soil and groundwater data tailored to your needs.

From small residential additions to multi-million dollar foundations and expansive solar farms, we can adapt to your project’s requirements. We can characterize sediment up to 150ft deep in a matter of hours while logging pore pressure and taking discrete seismic profiles of your site. Utilizing direct-push hydraulics, we have the capacity to quickly log 8-10 locations in a day and push far deeper than traditional drilling rigs in the same amount of time. If needed, discrete soil and groundwater samples can be collected at any depth.

Compared to traditional drilling, CPT offers much higher productivity (>500ft per day) at significantly lower cost, waste and noise levels. Data can be processed immediately and sent from the field, further reducing costs.

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CPT Soil profiling

Our 25-ton Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) rigs are equipped for operation in nearly any location. Whether it’s an undeveloped lot, city street or residential property, we’ve got you covered.

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Soil and groundwater sampling

Our direct-push hydraulic equipment allows for efficient collection of discrete samples in a fraction of the time needed for a traditional drill rig.

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