CPT-Analyst is a Windows-compatible, interactive computer program.  CPT-Analyst runs on any Windows 98 or newer PC with at least 64Mb of RAM. The program is furnished as executable machine code (.EXE file) on a CD-ROM.  CPT-Analyst accesses a CPT sounding file that can contain data for up to 2000 readings and create up to 200 layers.  The program creates a report to the printer or disk-data files of tabulated output summaries as well as graphical plots of the output.  A sample data file and associate files than contain the material classification information are included for use with CPT-Analyst. These files can be modified and used at templates for future projects.  In recognition of the potential for differing professional opinions and site specific data than can be developed for a project and what parameters should be assigned to different materials, instructions are given so that the user can generate his own material behavior-data file.

This software was initially developed in 1986 but was not widely distributed. With increased implementation of cone penetration tests, the software was adapted and updated to the Windows environment. One of the biggest benefits of using the cone penetrometer as a logging tool is that it can give a near continuous profile of soil conditions throughout the entire sounding.  The disadvantage is that it can produce huge amounts of data that must be reduced and manipulated before it can be used and interpreted by an engineer.  To date, the methods used to interpret the data have been widely varied. Solutions range from coarse  visual interpretation to detailed processes using different computer programs that produce long, complicated text files.

The method that is proposed using this program makes data interpretation easy.  CPT-Analyst allows engineers to quickly process CPT data and make decisions on how the profile is to be broken up into layers that can be used for further analysis.  If the data are for a slope stability problem, then small weak layers are very important and the engineer may want to break them out for examination.  If the data are to be used for a settlement analysis, then the engineer can opt not to differentiate thin layers.  This computer program allows engineers to quickly adjust to unique analysis requirements for any project.

The program, as now implemented, is very simple and very interactive.  It is based on a simple premise: “If a picture is worth a thousand words, a graph is worth a million numbers.”  The program is optimized to be very responsive for interactive selection and editing of layers.  This is done by plotting the sounding results on the screen using colors and symbols to convey a large amount of information to the user that can be quickly interpreted. 

Ned Larson, PE, GE,

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