Because CPT data is recorded in-situ without the need for lab analysis, our reports can be sent almost immediately. We generate PDF plots of each location, along with .txt, .cpd, .asc, and .cor files. Compression and shear wave data can be collected at specified intervals (usually every 5 ft) and is returned as .dly and .vss files along with a PDF plot of shear waves at each location. Daily Service Reports are included with every data report. If desired, a live screen link can be shared during testing for remote viewing. For more information on soil behavior type classification using CPT: Robertson, 2016

CPT Profiles

Tip resistance, sleeve friction, inclination, and temperature are recorded at 2cm intervals. Soil behavior type and SPT blow counts are calculated from the ratio of the force applied to the tip and sleeve.

Seismic Profiles

Each rig carries a sledgehammer and seismic strikeplate wired to an onboard computer, making it simple to collect both compression and shear waves. Velocity of the waves within an interval is calculated from their arrival times, from which density of the material can be inferred.

Data Analysis

Using CPT-Analyst, we can easily process reports for use in liquefaction, settlement, and slope stability studies.