Plotting Graphs options-1 based on Robertson & Campanella
  • Plotting Graphs Options
    • Tip (Qc)  Graph can printed in TSF, KPA, MPA, PSI, BAR, & KSC
    • Friction (Fs) Graphs can be printed in TSF, KPA, MPA, PSI, BAR, & KSC
    • Pore Pressure (Su) Graph can printed in PSI, Ft-H20, M-H20
    • X & Y access Inclinometer Graph can printed in Degrees
    • Inclinometer Ratio Graph can printed in Degrees
    • Fs/Qt  Graph can printed in %
    • PP/Qt Graph can printed in %
    • SPT N Graph can printed in 60% Hammer
    • Speed Graph can printed in cm/sec
    • Qc/ Nc Graph can printed in TSF, KPA, MPA, PSI, BAR, & KSC
  • Plotting Pore Pressure Dissipation graph options
    • Linear Scaling (time vs. pressure) option to print U100
    • Logarithmic Scaling (time vs. pressure) option to print U100
    • SQRT  option to include T50, & U100
  • Seismic graph options
    • Graphs can be printedl on one page or single pages
    • Graphs can be scaled in Meter or Feet vs. Ms
    • Can export  .brx data, .asc, delays, and velocities into a .txt file

Download Examples

Standard plot example
Plot with borelog remarks Example
Shear wave plot example
CPT anlyist plot example
CPT Analyst Interpretation file Example

If you already use Gregg Drilling's Spread Sheet, or Cliq don't worry our Data can be converted to Greggs .cor file. Just let us know and we will do it for you.

All data can be easily imported into Excel or viewed in Notepad

Data can be collected in 1 or 2 inch intervals

Plotting Graph Options-2 Based on P.K. Robertsons

  • 1-Layer Number
    4-Depth to Bottom of Layer / Data Pt.
    6- Qc (Measured PS)
  • 8-QC1N (Normalized & Overburden Corrected)
  • 9-QC1NCS (Equivalent Clean Sand)
  • 10-Sleeve Stress
  • 11-Pore Pressure
  • 12-Friction Ratio
  • 13-Material Behavior Number
  • 14-Material Behavior Zone Description
  • 15-USCS Soil Description
  • 16-Unit Weight
  • 18-Qc to N Ratio
  • 21-Relative Density
  • 22-Friction Angle
  • 23-Undrained Shear Strength
  • 24-Over Consolidation Ratio
  • 25-Fines Content from Ic
  • 27-D50
  • 28-Nk, Cone Factor
  • 35-Ic Material Index
  • 40-Layer Liquefaction Factor of Safety
  • 42-Volumetric Strain (%)
  • 43-Total Settlement (vol strain *thickness)
  • 44-Dry Sand Settlement
  • 45-Wet Sand Settlement
  • 46-Maximum Cyclic Shear Strain (%)
  • 47-Lateral Displacement Index
  • These options are also available to be printed out in a .pdf graph it is highly recommended that there are not more than 8 graphs chosen per page.