Middle Earth Geo Testing Inc. Direct Push Specialists

MEGT may be a new company, but we have quite an established history.  This CPT company started over 30 years ago when it was owned by Earth Tech, then in 1996, Holguin Fahan & Associates (HFA) purchased the division bringing with it Earth Tech's years of experience in CPT. In 2007, Amanda and Bobby Hancock purchased the CPT division from HFA and created Middle Earth Geo Testing, Inc. Bobby first started working with CPT equipment in 1992.  He received training from operators with 15 years of experience. Throughout the years, Bobby has kept up with direct push technology, constantly increasing the efficiency and upgrading the equipment that MEGT now uses.

When you need Cone Penetrometer work, do not hire a drilling company, or a direct-push company that focuses on environmental sampling, to do something they are not specialized to do. Hire a company that has many years of experience doing just what you need. Middle Earth Geo Testing is a Cone Penetrometer Testing company where all operators have years of experience, and training.

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